1970 – 1989 The SIYB program has originated in a training package called “Look After Your Firm” that was developed in the 1970s by the Swedish Employers´ Federation.

2010 – 2014 The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility (YEF) – Kazi Nje Nje Programme activities in Tanzania and East Africa, led to the formation of SIYB Association of East Africa towards the end 2012 with the membership of SIYB partner organizations, Master Trainers and the SIYB Trainers. In 2013 the association was registered under the laws of United Republic of Tanzania.

The SIYB Association of East Africa took over the YEF activities (under the guidance and support from ILO office in Dar es Salaam) from April 2014 and continuing the SIYB program promotion, implementation and monitoring activities in the country.